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My first book, Ned Visits New York, I thought I could do in three months but ended up taking a year and a half to complete. The book is in it's fifth printing and still going strong with over 14,000 copies sold as of October 2016.

My second book, Ned & Meece-Wheels of New York I was able to complete in 9 months. What I love about this book is how I created a multilingual book - in six languages, English Spanish, French German, Italian, & Japanese, all in one book.

My third book, Meece for Mayor of New York City, has some great colorful illustrations! I have included over 150 characters in this book with Ned & Meece. Mayors from all across the country are giving the book amazing reviews!

My newest book, New York - A to Z is a fun and educational book about New York City that teaches children the alphabet. I have to say the writing and illustrations for this book are some of my best work!

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About Kip Kids

New York City Yellow Taxi Cabs Art

Kip Kids is a line of clothing for children and infants. I have a myriad of styles and options. I have beautiful, boldly colored long sleeve and short sleeve shirts. All the shirts have my bright, child-like artwork silk-screened on the front. Silk-screened long sleeve and short sleeve rompers are also brightly colored and have optional matching embroidered towel bibs. All clothing is 100% cotton and made in the USA.

It seems that the children's market is inundated with cute clothing for girls, but not as much attention is paid to the unique styling for boys. Though, Kip Kids clothing is not exclusively aimed at one gender, many of our images relate to primarily boyish themes: Fire Truck, Bulldozer, etc..However, 
I truly believe I have created clothing that all kids (and their parents) will enjoy!

The newest additions to the Kip Kids family are my children's books,

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I first began hand painting my designs on children's clothing from my apartment 25 years ago.Hand painting quickly turned into silk-screening and embroidery.

During this time my clothing has been sold to stores all across the country. The designs have appeared in Parent Magazine, Kids Fashion, Glamour, and the cover of TV GUIDE to name a few.