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New York City - A to Z

Can a mouse be mayor of New York City? Meece Mouse seems to think so! A phone cell to the south pole has his best friend,Ned Penguin, on the bkue whale Express to New York. EVERYONE knows that penguins make great Campaign. Managers. Before...

Ned & Meece - Wheels of New York

My Latest Book, NEW YORK CITY - A TO Z is a WINNER!

-Winner at The New York Book Festival!
Best Children's Book Category for 2015!

-Finalist at The Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Children's Picture Book (0-6 years) category for 2015

-Finalist at the International Book Awards
Children's Educational Book category for 2015

Take an A to Z tour around New York City with Ned Penguin & Meece Mouse! Besides learning the alphabet, the book will teach children how to count to 10 as they visit many i=of the great sights throughout the city with their friends. Award....


My New York kid's books are a great way for children to learn about New York City in a fun and educational way!
Kip is happy to autograph and personalize the book with the child's name along with an original drawing in the book.

​New York Taxi Tile

Meece for Mayor of New York City

NY Children's Books

Ned Penguin of the south pole needs a vacation and very soon! He hops on the next iceberg to New York City to visit his pen pal, Meece Mouse. The excitement begins the moment he sees the tall, green lady in the harbor. With native New Yorker...

New York Taxi Tile Coasters

Ned Visits New York

Ned Penguin and Meece Mouse travel around New York city with their friends in the different vehicles of New york. This multilingual book is in six languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French and Italian. This is book is written and illustrated by Award Winning New York artist, Kip cosson.
New York Kip Kids Fun Sticker! Over 42 stickers per page. The sticker images are from the books and tee shirts. The graphics are designed by local NYC artist, kip Cosson.