The Meece For Mayor Campaign Video!


New York City A to Z is a WINNER!​​

Happy Customers

  • My Latest Children's Book, New York City - A to Z is a WINNER!
    Best Children's Book at The 2015 New York Book Festival!
  • Finalist in The Next Generation Indie Book Awards
    Children's Picture Book (0-6 years) category for 2015!
  • Finalist in the International Book Awards
    ​Children's Education Book category for 2015
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Kip Kids is a Line of Clothing for Children & Infants
100% Cotton Designed & Printed in New York

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I am kip cosson and welcome to my website!

Short Sleeve Baby Rompers

I first began hand painting my designs on children's clothing from my apartment 27 years ago.
Hand painting quickly turned into silk-screening and embroidery.

During this time my clothing has been sold to stores all across the country. The designs have appeared
​in Parent Magazine, Kids Fashion, Glamour, and the cover of TV GUIDE to name a few.

"A Vote For Meece is A Vote For Peace!"

​     Where I Will Be...

   -  9/22/18 - Sat - 8th Avenue

                I'm Between 19th & 20th Street









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